About us

Conscious of the Ecuadorian market’s needs of extruded fish feed, Gisis began its operations in 1994 renting an office in the city of Babahoyo. Since the beginning, Gisis stood out for working with top gear technology, and the first plant to work with Wenger equipment.

The initial production capacity was 1 MT/h and in 1997 it grew to 2 MT/h. Today, Gisis has a total capacity of 10 MT7h, enough to cover all of the market needs.

In 2001, the operation in Babahoyo is closed and a new extrusion line is installed in Expalsa’ shrimp feed plant in Duran. For this new line, we continued to use Wenger equipment.

Topics of Interest

Most of the productive problems of cultivated aquiculture species are associated to inadequate storage and handling in the ponds. In the document attached (PDF format) we specify recommendations for storage and a guide for feed handling before using it on the ponds.